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SSG Military DogTag - Rajgal Valley Victory in Sight

2mm thick Iron bar with 3D Raised Features , Rajgal Valley is Tribute to Fallen SSGs in Khyber 4 Operation which marked a decisive blow on the TTP Factions 


Saariya's believe Rajgal Valley will serve as the Gateway for SSGs to Conquer Khurasaan Region and move westward pursuing the enemies of Pakistan .


The Buffer Zone created by SSG Commandos inside Afghanistan will keep on exicding westwards.


Operation Khyber-IV in the Rajgal area of Khyber Agency after gaining control of a key mountain top. 


SSG Rajgal Valley Khyber 4 Dogtag Locket

₨1,800.00 Regular Price
₨1,200.00Sale Price