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SSG Navy 2.5 Solid mm Iron Bar with 3D Raised


SSG(N) is placed under the command of Commander Coastal areas. During the post 1965 war analysis Pakistan Navy felt the need of establishing a Special force, which could be used for covert offensive operations against enemy shore based facilities and the units at sea or in harboursAs a consequence, training volunteers for frogman / special Ops formed a new offensive arm for Pakistan Navy in 1966. Shortly after raising, the capabilities of this elite group were multiplied through the acquisition of midgets, chariots and combat/ auxiliary diving equipment. The training of volunteers selected from all branches of the Navy for Special Service Group (Navy) was conducted on the lines of British Special Boat Squadron (SBS), British Special Air Services (SAS) and US Navy SEALS. They were to be trained as frogmen, commandos, paratroopers and operators of special craft of multiple roles. During the initial years, basic training of SSG (N) was conducted at Diving School PNS HIMALYIA and the advance training at PNS IQBAL, which was commissioned on 29 March 1967 as the home of SSG (N). Since 1968, all SSG (N) training is being conducted at PNS IQBAL.

Within a few years of rising, SSG (N) participated in PAK-INDO war of 1971. During this war SSG (N) was divided into two groups for X-craft and SEAL Ops respectively.

SEAL Group participated in Counter Insurgency (CI) Ops in East Pakistan. Apart from the PN S/M, X-Craft were the only platform, which patrolled the enemy’s water for weeks.

During first two decades of its inception SSG (N) capabilities were confined to frogmen Ops with overwhelming focus on underwater covert insertion through X-Craft and chariots. However through a well thought out training philosophy SSG (N) transformed into a potent out fit capable of operating at Sea, Sub Sea, Air and Land dimensions. Through out its history of almost 4 decades unit has been performing diversified Ops as per the dictates and employment directives of higher HQs.


SSG Navy Dogtag Locket

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