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SS Wing 2.5 Solid mm Iron Bar with 3D Raised


Saariya's Tribute to Special Service Wing (SSW) is an independent commando division of the Pakistan Air Force. It is an elite special operations force based upon the US Air Force's Special Tactics unit and the US Army's Ranger unit. This the newest component to the Special Forces of Pakistan. The division is still being trained and built up which will initially field between 700 to 1,000 men in 1 Company and is expected to be combat ready soon.Some members of SSW will have the ability to gather and interpret meteorological and oceanographic information, as well as act as forward ground combatants. Their primary mission would be to collect and disseminate forward observations in denied, hostile or otherwise data-sparse regions. They will be a critical element in mission planning and work mostly with Army and Navy Special Operations

SS Wing Dogtag Locket

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