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Black Gentleman! is our High Seller. Perfect for formal attire.
State of Art Engineered Foldable , Unbreakable and Wrist wearable Sun Glasses.

Seeing is Believing : Black Gentleman

SKU: 261205705
₨4,500.00 Regular Price
₨2,700.00Sale Price
  • You love your shades! Right ? It makes you look cool ! You don't want a single selfie or picture without wearing your sunglasses? Sometimes even when you are indoor! Yes this is a Strange Fact.Seriously, your sunglasses is by your side every where ! It is more loyal than your Best Mate!It is surely is your darling!Don't worry you are not having some kind of a problem and frankly you are not alone.Every second person is like you, we all love our sunglasses and it does make you look good but hold on.. just think many times your sunglasses became a big time liability and you did not know where to keep it when you were indoor or suddenly clouds walked around or lets say... may be you stayed out late and now it turned over to an lovely evening.Should you put it on your head ?Nahhhht it will spoil your hair! What about hanging it on your shirt buttons...Come on! It keeps on moving and you would have to fix it every minute fearing it might fall down and break.

    May be you can try keeping it in your bag or pocket...Sounds like a easy hack only if you don't keep other essentials likes keys , wallets , chargers and makeup stuff in your bag! else it will get scratched really bad....Trust us... this is a terrible thing to do!

    Umm So what ! Should you keep that fat cover along in that small handy bag you carry or make your pocket bulky with it? 

    Ahhh...You do feel lost and depressed! as you might agree by now that Yes your love does become a liability ...pretty often.

    You want to hang around with it however you don't want to hurt it at any cost! 

    Relax & Be Happy ...Saariya's has designed a solution for you.

    Your troubles are white washed and you can enjoy being with your love as much as you want and where ever you wish.

    Meet Saariyas Signature "Seeing is Believing" Polarised sunglasses , that are unbreakable , scratch less and you can easily hook them on your hands, bicycle handle , car steering or just any where you can imagine!

    Be Creative and Launch your own Signature Style to Keep your sweetheart with you every where in Style!