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Saariya's Presidential Maroon is a ready to wear presidential fold Pocket Square.
Have you seen people wearing a side folded presidential in their pockets just because it won't fit well ?
Seriously what was your reaction?
I am sure it would have been a quick laugh or an eyebrows up / jaws down!
We don't want you to be in that awkward situation.Saariyas Presidential Maroon is perfectly cut to fit in your pocket.Leave the hassle to us and spend your valuable time on a different thing.

Presidential Maroon Pocket Square

SKU: 2612051915
  • Pocket Squares are an essential part of a gentleman's attire. You cannot expect to look formal without having a Pocket Square.

    Have you ever wondered,why a Suit Jacket is having a chest pocket?We are sure it is not there for keeping a mobile phone or a wallet,frankly the best thing that fits there is none other but a Pocket Square.

    Saariya's Pocket Squares are lavishly designed to meet the day you are going to face, we use the best fabric which gives you the best folds, whether you are wearing a presidential or puff style.Saariya's Pocket Squares will fly your confidence high with the eagles!Never undermine the power the of the finishing touches of your style!