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Pure wood and Original Badger Bristles Saariya's State of art Beard Brush.
This is all you need to grow your beard well!
Comes with Travel Friendly Tin case.

Pearwood Beard Brush with Travel Pack

SKU: 2612051201
₨1,150.00 Regular Price
₨750.00Sale Price
  • Original pear wood ,cut into state of art precise handling size with badger bristles to tone down that wild thing growing upside down.Facial hair is different from head hair and usually very hard and naughty to handle like the back bencher student of the class! You catch him right it grows and bends left , you tone it left... it will stand edge straight!

    Synthetic bristles are no match to this wilding and it requires original bristles to put up a fight.

    Saariya's Pear wood Beard Brush is perfectly cut into a palm holding size , oh man don't worry your will not be having a feeling of mopping your face as it correctly knows the size of your palm , your face and yes not the forget , that messy beard!

    Be sure it will tone your beard within days of use!

    Best if your use it with beard oil , of course providing help to the brush is always welcomed , we are on the same side .. right?

    We don't want our brush to be standing alone against all odd!

    Go for it and grow the beard with ease! it wont let you down!