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Be Ready for the Uninvited . Protect your self in the Wild with "Live Fearless" by Saariya's Aircraft Aluminum Tactical Pens.Strike back Strike Quick & Reach for Safety


Manjanbazam Tactical Pen

Highest Grade of Specs , Highest Craftmanship

Anti Slip Glass Breaker


Manjanbazam is the logo of SSG Commandos , It means " I am Valiant" and yes they are Valiants , Pakistan Army elitest unit , Any Pakistan Army soldier if having 2 years service can apply for SSG , there is no pressure and its a volantary decision. SSG go through the strongest tranings and rated as Top Commando units in the world

Manjanbazam Tactical Pen

₨4,800.00 Regular Price
₨4,200.00Sale Price