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Kargil 99 : Dras Sector Drycool Tshirt 

We configured it on Highest quality 220gsm , it keeps cool and dry quick while you sweat to defend! We mixed cotton with polyester to give it a soccer shirt feel.

Kargil Nine Nine tshirt reminds us of our Valiant Brave Northern Light Infantry Soldiers who not just defended each inch of our beloved Pakistan but also gained Territory from the Enemy!

Captain Sher Khan Shaheed followed the coward Indians right into their base camp of 8th Sikh Regiment single handedly! and afflicted severe blow on the Morale of the indian soldiers who still even after almost 19 years fear stepping an inch across LOC .

Captains Sher Khan continues to Live Long in every citizen of Pakistan whether Armed Forces or Civilians.

Kargil 99

₨1,500.00 Regular Price
₨1,100.00Sale Price