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Jalalat Aluminum Tactical pen is Strong made in Aluminum 

It has a strong Yawara Stick for self defense 

A emergency glass breaker (windscreen grade)

and a great writing capacity refill 


Jalalat Pen is named after Missle boat of Pakistan Navy which is equipped with latest weapons, sensors and combat systems. The boat is fitted with C 802 Missile System and 37 mm Radar ControlledTwin Gun mounting alongwith its associated combat systems. This configuration provides the ship with the ability to deliver real punch against enemy targets on one hand and adequate self-defence on the other.

PNS JALALAT is the first indigenously manufactured Missile craft commissioned on 14 August 1997. Ship is adequately equipped with latest version of weapons, sensors and combat systems. PNS SHUJAAT is the second indigenously manufactured Missile craft. The ship was commissioned on 29 Sept 1999. The two Jalalat II Class Missile Boats PFM in service in the Pakistan Navy were indigenously constructed at Karachi Shipyard. The keel of the first missile boat was laid in June 1995 and its basic hull structure was completed and it was launched on 16 November 1996 at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works Ltd, Karachi.


₨4,200.00 Regular Price
₨3,600.00Sale Price