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Hayder AlQuds Badge 

Made in Metal 3d 7mm is Masterpiece by Saariya’s 


A tribute to the Ghazis and Shuhada of Long Battle front of AlQuds paving way for the



Saariya's believes Turkish Armed forces will be pushed into Damascus where Chechan and Dagestani Soldiers will already be present . The will Seige Jeruselam from Three sides . Komandos downwards from Damishk while Navy Raids to Liberate Gaza Strip .


Pakistan Airforce Shaheens along with Solo Turks will Raid Command Center of Isreal in Lod.

With the Forth Side of Jordan, Retreating Dajjalians will be Followed by Land forces but AlQuds will Fall to the Valiants of Damascus before Muslim land forces reach Jeruselam form east


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Hayder AlQuds Badge