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Golden Heart Stainless Steel Round Tag with Leather Cord


Saariya's makes both 3D Raised Iron Dogtags plus the Regular Steel #Dogtags in high quality , These are the plain tags section , you can get them laser engraved on the back with your military info or any text you would like to write  , including a picture engrave.

The tags come with variable settings of chains and leather cords. You can also buy the chains seperately. Saariya's Dogtags and made with utmost quality features and will last lifetime if you properly take care of it , remeber to avoid spraying perfumes or sprays on it directly as chemicals create a layer on any sort of metal , rest you dont need to worry about it fading or wear off , just handle it properly and it will outlive the oldest turtle !

Golden Heart Stainless Steel Tag with Leather Cord