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Ghazwa e Hind Lapel pins in a Sequence
AlQuds Shareef
Saariya's believe 
After the Fall of Delhi , Ajmer will witness cleansing from Hinduvta Goons and Qutb Minar will be extended with complete demolition of Jain Mandirs Remains.
Pakistan Army will take full Control of Route till Khurasaan and than move Westwards to contain pockets of enemies . They will have support of Patriot Aghans and Tajik Brothers . After Capture of Khurasaan, Hind and Khurasaan will Merge and Sultanat will be Establish .
Pakistan Army will be called to Damascus to assit Turks , Chechans fighting a decisive war with the Enemy.
SSG Commandos will reach Ummayad Mosque al